Monday, February 16, 2009

my first blythe size hair cut! (& a note on sand matting)

it's actually not uneven, though it looks it a bit in that first picture. she is absolutely darling, don't you think she'd be wonderful with some freckles! too bad that's not in the plan this time around. what is in the plan? well, as glad as i am that you asked, i can't tell you. you'll have to watch it slowly unfold! muah-HA-HA! (that's an evil laugh, in case it failed to translate...) um, and i don't think that it will be that slow of an unfold BECAUSE everything really seems to be easier than i thought. maybe not easy so much, as i have not yet opened the head, re-rooted the hair, carved the lips or applied the makeup - it's just that i thought it might be a month before i got that far what with sanding and all, but i sanded the back of her head just a smidge to test out the whole process and it was really fast and worry free. it's like when bob ross (painter) would paint a whole picture and then just throw a "happy little tree" in the for ground - i would see him paint a big black trunk and think what if you change your mind? he always said you just have to do it, decide and commit. well customizing is the same way. i guess because i bought her to "destroy as i learned" it was easy to just jump right in and now i am really glad i did because i have A LOT more confidence! i have not even destroyed her yet!

below is a picture of the back of her head after i sanded it - there is a small glare that comes from the part of her head where the "Blythe TM" stamp is (i chose not to sand that off just to stop glare that would be under her hair.) there is no glare off the rest of her head because it's sanded and it's beautiful and SO easy. grant it you can't do it if you want to leave her makeup on but i am going to experiment with sanding around makeup before i just take it all off. i'll post pictures and blog about that when i get there!

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