Friday, February 13, 2009

did i say that?

omg, i can't believe that i thought i could give up blythe. i even put my darling babies up for sale at one point. thank God the buyer flaked on me. i can't believe that i thought that i could stop at two. (actually i think i quite knew i'd be buying more, i just wanted to think i could control it.) what i realized is that this is going WAY past rj and ever. this is doll love. i played with dolls all my life and i realize now it's always going to be that way. so here it is, a list of my 2009 doll goals: to fully customize the aurbrina doll i have coming, to add two more girls (hopefully an asian butterfly and a goldie) to my blythe family, to get another rbl girl to customize, to take more pictures of all my dolls!
*deep breath* i have big plans for my first custom blythe and i am just itching to get started. i have to catch up with my scrap booking first and i have ?four? i think, layouts to go! i received my sponges and my mr. super clear and a few other things i have ordered. i feel like a child dancing away waiting for Christmas to roll around.

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