Monday, February 16, 2009

iliad's arrival

so here is the first blythe of 2009 - she's a prima dolly aubrina. it's my first time seeing a rbl in person and it's really striking how different she is from my sbl girls. now, she will be a full custom with mohair. i have her eyes ordered and her hair picked out and i have had her sketched for a while now. it was hard to stay committed because when i saw her i fell in love BUT to help i called her iliad from the beginning and i took her out shot a video of her first eye click, just like the other two, and then i decided to cut her hair. why not? i have been wanting to try only not on my girls so i figured i should give it a go on a scalp that was to be fully re-rooted anyway. problem? OF COURSE! she came out wonderfully and looks so cute! i decided to pull out a few eye chips - i did it with out the head open so that i can do rj and ever if i want to.

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